Chef Aurore

Chef AuroreParis is known worldwide as the home of fine cuisine; a place where becoming a chef is a noble calling. Phoenix may not be Paris, but it is the home of French woman who heard that calling 25 years ago.

Chef Aurore de Beauduy began training with some of France's most distinguished chefs as a teenager, learning the culinary arts from such Michelin Guide celebrities as Alain Sanderens, Michel Guerard and Gerard Antonin. It was under their discerning guidance that she discovered her true passion - cooking. She also learned that, to become a chef, she would need a strong knowledge and understanding of the "chemistry" of the cooking process. After graduating from the Cordon Bleu Culinary School in France Aurore worked in the oldest and the most prestigious catering establishment in Paris – Potel & Chabot, headed by world renowned chef Aimer Fournillier, where she was responsible for creating sauces savored by French Government officials and many Celebrities. In 1988 while working as a sous chef at Les Ambassadeurs restaurant in the Hotel Crillon Aurore was invited to the United States to work as a Chef at the Chicago Four Season Hotel.

Working at the Four Seasons Hotel gave Aurore an opportunity to expand her knowledge of Contemporary American Cuisine, which was opulent with fusion of ethnic specialties and traditional American influences, and where creativity had no limits. After her stint at the Four Seasons Hotel Aurore worked as an Executive Chef at some of the most prestigious country clubs in the Chicago area such as Stonebridge Country Club and Oak Park Country Club where she was credited with revitalizing lackluster dining scene to the level of customer sutisfaction that had previously never been achieved before.

A search for new challeges brought Aurore to the Chicago based Boeing Corporation. During her five-year tenure, Aurore established an executive fine dining program and a food service catering to frequent visits of major political and business figures, and where she held a position of an Executive Chef for five years. In the fall of 2004 Aurore relocated to Arizona where her extensive resume with a cooking repertoire that spans across the globe did not go unnoticed when she applied at the elite Silverleaf Country Club located in the DC Ranch area of Scottsdale. A relentless perfectionist with a charismatic smile and vibrant personality, highly skilled in upscale dining Aurore perfectly matched the Silverleaf Club’s goals to build the most luxurious and exquisite golf club in the nation. At the Silverleaf Club, she played a pivotal role in establishment and supervision of private dining and special event services. Her efforts earned her numerous compliments from both the club's management as well as its exclusive and very discerning guests.

In 2008 Aurore's passion for food, unique culinary style and proven track record, both domestically and internationally, provided her with a solid foundation to partner with her husband in the opening of Vogue Bistro in Surprise, Arizona. Located in the heart of the charming Marley Park, Vogue Bistro embodies Aurore's vision of an original authentic restaurant with reasonably priced food of very high quality served by knowledgeable and attentive staff in a stylish casual ambiance. Its contemporary bistro cuisine combines impeccable fresh products, classic French techniques with traditional American influences and its bar features "designer" martinis, sophisticated wine list and a craft beer selection to please the true beer connoisseur.